How to Keep Your Pool Clean with Less Chlorine

The thick smell of chlorine is a part of every childhood swimming pool memory, but that doesn’t mean your swimming pool now has to carry the same scent. Today, there are multiple alternatives that can supplement the chemical so your using less chlorine or replace it altogether. If you’re allergic to chlorine or you don’t like how it smells and dries out your hair, no worries. Try these treatments instead:

How to Keep Your Pool Clean with Less Chlorine

Ultraviolet Light

If you go camping, you might have encountered UV light water filtration systems. The light kills microbes and dangerous microorganisms in water to make it safe to drink. In much the same way ozonator systems use UV light or corona discharge to keep your water safe. This is a completely chemical-free system, so it’s perfect for sensitive skin. Ozonators are perfect for Central Texas’s hot, dry climate.

Polyhexamethylene Biguanide (PHMB)

This chemical completely removes chlorine from your swimming pool. If you have an allergy to chlorine, this is a great solution. However, it’s slightly more complex. In addition to PHMB, your pool will need algaecide and hydrogen peroxide for oxidation. PHMB will keep your water safe, but these additional steps will keep the water clear.


If you just want to reduce your pool’s dependence on chlorine to stay clean, bromine is a great choice. It pairs well with chlorine so you can use less to fully sanitize your pool. The smell is much less abrasive and it’s safer for swimmers who react to chlorine.

However, it’s not as powerful of an oxidizing agent as chlorine, so you still need a bit of that to keep the water clear.

Don’t let allergies or chemical sensitivities ruin your fun. Varsity Pools can help customize your swimming pool and automatic maintenance systems to reduce or replace chlorine. Talk to our experts today or browse our beautiful gallery.