2 Important Questions To Ask Yourself When Designing Your Custom Pool

The process of designing your pool is one that is super fun and exciting. However, it is also one where a lot of decisions must be made. This is essentially the final step before the actual building of the pool, so you want to make sure that you have a vision in your head of what you want, so that your designer can make it a reality for you. Here are two important questions to ask yourself when designing your custom pool. 

2 Important Questions To Ask Yourself When Designing Your Custom Pool

Where Do You Want It? 

One of the first questions that you should ask yourself is where you would like your pool to be located within your backyard, or other location where you are installing your pool. You want it to be a space that is well suited for a pool, but also one that family and friends can enjoy. You need enough  property around the pool to meet all legal specifications, but you also want enough space to landscape and really enjoy your pool as well. You can talk with your designer about how much space is needed for both your pool and landscape ideas, and from there they can create a blueprint that shows you the best possible locations for your new pool to be built.

What Material Do You Want Your Pool Made Of?

When it comes to designing your pool, it is crucial that you choose the material that you feel will not only last you for several years, but will also look great and will fit into your timeline. The two most popular materials for pool structures are concrete and fiberglass. Concrete was used initially, but the discovery of the strength and durability of fiberglass pools has really helped them to step up as well. Fiberglass pools are generally installed much faster because the shape of the fiberglass has already been created and simply needs to be installed. However, concrete pools are very secure and spray concrete can be installed at a faster rate than a regular poured concrete.

Asking yourself both where you want your pool and what material you want your pool made of are key to creating the perfect pool design. If you are looking for a designer to help you design your custom pool, you should consider Varsity Pools. You can find out more and contact us here.