5 Ideas for More Shade in Your Next Backyard

Whether you live in Waco or Central, Texas, most of the year is hot. Even when the temperature dips below triple digits, it can be hard to stay out in the sunlight without heading indoors early. If you love spending time outdoors but your backyard isn’t giving a break, make sure your remodel includes more shade from every angle. Here are five ideas to make it happen:

5 Ideas for More Shade in Your Next Backyard

1. Pour an umbrella stand into the bottom of your pool.

The pool is where you’re most vulnerable to sunburns and skin irritation. No matter how waterproof your sunscreen is, it can fade away. When your swimming pool is being poured, we can install a secure stand for a wide umbrella near the shallow end. Then you have the perfect place to relax.

2. Install a pergola with adjustable shades.

Pergolas are a great base for personalizing your backyard and adding layers of seasonal shade. You can encourage vining plants to curl around the posts and install shades along the rafters.

3. Line your fence with fast-growing privacy trees.

Trees provide a lot of shade, especially if you select evergreen varieties that thrive in Texas. Fast-growing trees can quickly climb to outline your property with eight-ten feet of shady height so you can relax all year long.

4. Enable your flagpole for sun shades.

If your yard already has a flagpole (or plans for a flagpole), you’re halfway there. Add another configuration and rings along the perimeter of your fence. Then you can raise sun shades during the summer and make your yard extra colorful.

5. Extend your roof to cover the outdoor living space.

Make your backyard feel like a more established part of your home by extending the roof. This can let you enclose your deck to make it wasp-proof and rain-proof. You can also add more efficient heating and ventilation for an enjoyable space that fits every season.

For more ideas to incorporate more shade into your backyard and the team that can get it done, contact us at Varsity Pools.