Is Your Commercial Pool Due For A Re-Plaster?

Unlike residential pools, commercial pools are used more frequently, possibly daily, and attract higher traffic. Subsequently, commercial pools suffer from wear and tear quicker than residential pools do. And even though pool maintenance guidelines recommend for commercial pools to be replastered every 10 years, depending on the frequency of use of your pool, it may be due for a re-plaster much sooner.

Is Your Commercial Pool Due For A Re-Plaster?

Here are 3 telltale signs of a commercial pool in need of replastering.

  • Rough Surfaces

The presence of cracks or patchy spots on the surface of your swimming pool is an indication that your pool needs to be examined by a swimming pool expert. These patchy spots may feel rough, be jagged or sharp, and can cause injury to individuals using the swimming pool.

  • Mineral Stains

Prevalent mineral stains on the surface of your swimming pool that refuse to clear out even after extensive cleaning of the pool are a sign that replastering the pool is necessary. Stubborn mineral stains when not attended to can cause damage to the surface of your commercial pool.

  • Shotcrete Or Gunite Showing

Other than for visual appeal purposes, plaster is placed over the shotcrete or gunite shell of commercial pools to act as a waterproof barrier. When the swimming pool water comes into contact with shotcrete or gunite, it will seep through and result in water damage of the shell of your pool. Therefore, if you can spot shotcrete or gunite showing through the plaster, you need to contract swimming pool re-plaster services before extensive damage occurs.

The same way you cannot trust the construction of a commercial swimming pool to just any pool builder is the same way you should be cautious about whom you entrust commercial pool repair works such as replastering to. Trust only, certified, reliable, and expert pool builders.

At Varsity Pools, we have extensive experience in creating and building custom commercial pools. Our craftsmanship and attention to detail are second to none. Contact us today to schedule a commercial pool consultation and learn how you can transform your space with a custom commercial pool.