How to Get Your Pool Ready for Summer Fun

As the warm weather arrives your family many be anticipating a long pleasurable summer of swimming, pool parties and other recreation in your backyard pool. Before you start splashing around, schedule some time for pool maintenance. Clean up, check your equipment and make sure everything is safe before you and your loved ones dive in. How to Get Your Pool Ready for Summer Fun!

Get Your Pool Ready for Summer Fun

Clean the Area

The first thing to do is to clean up and around the pool so you can see what needs work. Sweep up dead leaves and remove dead branches or other debris from the area. Use a leaf blower to clean the top of the pool cover while it is still in place so dead vegetation doesn’t fall into the water when you remove it. After you have the pool cover off, clean it well with soap and water and allow it to dry thoroughly to prevent mildew. Once it is dry, fold it and place it in a plastic bin to prevent insects or rodents from damaging it.

Check your Equipment

Next, review the manufacturer’s instructions for your filtration system. To keep your pool in top condition you should not empty it once the weather turns cold, but if the water is low in the spring add more water. Plan to run your filtration system for several days before you use the pool. The water needs to be completely clear.

After the circulation has been running for about 12 hours do a Ph test by simply following the directions on a home test kit. However if you are not comfortable testing it on your own call your pool retailer. Many offer professional testing services.

Ensure Safety

As your filtration system runs, check all handrails, diving boards, ladders and any other attached parts to make sure they are stable and secure. If items are loose or wobbly, fix them before you allow others to climb on them. Make sure that a fully stocked first aid kit is within quick and easy access to the pool.

Once you have completed these tasks, your pool should be ready for recreation and fun. If you need some help getting your pool ready for summer, or you are shopping for a new pool, please contact us.