New Design Trends for Pools 2019

Small space and dual-purpose swimming pools continue to gain in popularity. Plunge pools, spools, and lap pools are leading the pack. Some offer both relaxation and exercise, heat and cold, and both salt and mineral chlorine options. House-centric designs include indoor to outdoor and curvilinear pools.

New Design Trends for Pools 2019

Plunge Pools

A plunge pool is smaller and shallow compared to a regular inground swimming pool. They are popular options for relaxing and cooling off, and can provide for limited exercise. Many plunge pools are located with hot tubs, so a person can experience the therapeutic benefits of moving from hot to cold water.

Some plunge polls are ready-made fiberglass, or they can be designed and made to fit a particular space. Since they are smaller, less outdoor areas is needed. They can also be made deep, like the Japanese soaking tubs. Plunge pools are one of the least expensive options for inground outdoor pools.


Spools is a word that combines pool and spa, and these inground swimming pools combine some of the elements of both. This hybrid pool can be enjoyed both cold and hot, and can incorporate powerful jets to provide resistance for exercise. Swimming in place is an option in the smaller spools.

These pools tend to be smaller than inground pools, but larger than plunge pools. They are usually less expensive than typical inground swimming pools that are full-sized, but having options for both hot and cold water can be more expensive. They also come with both salt water and mineral or chlorine options.

Indoor to Outdoor Pools

Several exciting trends in pool design are incorporating pools into the home space. The indoor to outdoor pool has a design that extends the pool both inside the house and out; this design allows views of the pool and access from both areas. The use of glass walls and colorful and brilliant LED lighting is giving the home a focal point of brilliant blue visible from multiple levels.

Another trend is the curvilinear pool that encircles the house, and allows views and access to the pool from several rooms. The organic forms of these pools provide a focal point for outdoor landscaping.

Infinity and zero-edge pools remain popular.

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