3 Essential Tips to Help You Create a Versatile and Practical Pool Design

You may be filled with excitement and anticipation if you have decided to build an in-ground pool on your property. But, what exactly do you want from your new pool? It should fit your budget, work well with the existing landscaping and suit your family’s needs. Before you make your purchase, sit down with your family and talk about the following factors.

3 Essential Tips to Help You Create a Versatile and Practical Pool Design

1. Practical Needs Come First

First,  decide on a budget, but don’t automatically go with the cheapest option available or the pool may not get much use. How do you plan to use your pool? Whether you want to use it for recreation, exercise or entertaining, pick the best type of pool for your lifestyle. Also consider how it will be cleaned and research any zoning regulations in your area. Your budget may need to include such additions as a fence with a locked gate or a deck.

2. Incorporate the Pool into Your Property

Also talk with your family about how much space you can give up for a pool. This recreational amenity is permanent and is only in use for a specific season. After that, consider the amount of sun that it would get and any nearby trees that may create cleaning issues. Make sure the pool will not be located too close to plumbing equipment, such as a septic tank.

Don’t forget to consider the view. Perhaps you will enjoy looking at your new pool but if our neighbors or passersby can easily see it this will limit your use of it.

3. Select a Type of Pool

After you have other issues settled, select a pool shape. Instead of just installing a traditional kidney shaped pool, consider a type that best fits your needs. Geometric shapes, such as a rectangle, make your yard look more orderly and are good for exercising. Free-form shapes better integrate with your existing landscaping and add elegance. Grecian pools create a graceful area for entertaining.

What do you want from your new pool? If you are having trouble deciding, please contact us. Our builders will work with you to ensure that you get the best value for your investment.