100% Sustainable Eco-Friendly Pools and Spas

With the increasing awareness of how our decisions can impact the environment, there have been major strides in the swimming pool industry to become more eco-friendly. Many manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to be leaders in energy efficient equipment and environmentally friendly chemicals.

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100% Sustainable Eco-Friendly Pools and Spas


Eco-friendly pools go beyond the chemicals that are used in their maintenance. For example, eco-friendly pools can start with the actual materials used in the construction of pools and spas. One company uses 65%-80% of recycled content for their new stainless steel pool designs — PLUS the pool shells are 100% recyclable. Stainless steel and copper can be recycled without any degradation, making them fully “sustainable”.

Stainless steel and copper are exciting alternatives for pools and spas as well as a responsible step towards eco-friendliness. Both metals are highly durable, aesthetically appealing, eco-compatible, and completely recyclable. They do not require any harsh chemicals, such as chlorine for their maintenance, making them a healthy choice for your guests and patrons. These pools are available for residential and commercial use.

If you are thinking of designing an eco-friendly swim area for your residence, making a wise choice is important for you and your family. There are many pool design companies that can help you design an eco-friendly aquatic feature that not only defines sustainability but is safer for everyone and the environment.

Chemical-Free maintenance

There are two eco-friendly options for chemical-free water maintenance for these types of pools and spas. The most popular option uses a two-part system composed of an ultraviolet sterilizer and hydrogen peroxide (oxidation)that breaks it down into hydrogen and oxygen, two common elements found in our atmosphere.

Salt Water Pools

Europeans have known the benefits of the Med’s saltwater since the beginning of time – not only for its health benefits but also for its fantastic skin conditioning. The concept of salt water pools has infiltrated almost every country for a variety of reasons, especially for its eco-friendliness.

A saltwater pool uses a salt-chlorine generator. This means that you add salt, and the generator converts it to chlorine which also makes the water feel silkier, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

 Natural Pools

If you love nature and love aesthetics, you may want to consider building or retrofitting your pool into a natural pool. These pools are chemical-free and use nature’s own principles to filter-out microorganisms. The whole system needs to be planned and crafted by an experienced pool builder.

How it works:

  • Natural pools have two distinct zones: the swimming area and a “regeneration zone” with a variety of hydroponic plants. There are anaerobic and aerobic bacteria present; as the water passes from the filter, into the zone, then back into the swimming area, it is completely clean and clarified.
  • The water is cleaned because it is in constant motion as it passes through the filter and into the regeneration zone. Plus, moving water deters mosquitoes.
  • A Natural Pool is a well-balanced wetlands ecosystem that incorporates modern pool construction, limnology (the study of the biological, chemical, and physical features of lakes and other bodies of fresh water), hydraulics, and hydroponics.

One of the major benefits of this innovative process is that your pools will stay cleaner while reducing water consumption.

 Moss Filtration – Quasi-Eco Friendly

A chamber housing the sphagnum moss filters the water and works with filtration and chemical equipment already in place.

Bacteria and algae growth is inhibited, thereby reducing the need for algaecide, chlorine, muriatic acid, or other chemicals typically used to “balance”  acidity/alkalinity levels in pool water. As a result, the chemical load is decreased, fewer chemicals and energy will be necessary to treat the water. Moss-treated water also helps cut down on dirty filters.

100% Chlorine Free!

Water reduction. Lowered chemical consumption. Safe for the environment. Saves money!

Naturally-occurring oxygen technology is the 100% chlorine-free alternative for swimming pools/spas and the best way to have clear pool/spa water. The process removes minerals without the use of salt or brine discharge and is safer, and more effective than traditional chlorine or salt water methods. The ECOsmarte Glass Media is a pool filtration made from 100% finely crushed recycled glass that provides outstanding water quality and clarity. This system works in place of sand or Zeolite in natural pools,  freshwater and saltwater pools.  (2)

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