How to Choose the Perfect Pool Design

The decision to build a swimming pool brings an abundance of excitement because it will provide decades of fun, create a setting for social gatherings, and enhance the look and feel of the home. However, in order to fully maximize such an investment one must make very specific and thoughtful design choices. These will include the pool’s placement, size, interior color and finish, and a number of aesthetic and function-related considerations.

choose the perfect pool design

Concrete Pools Offer Extensive Options for Choosing a Shape, on the Fly

When it comes to concrete pools, no design is finalized or set in stone. Homeowners have a plethora of options. The materials used by custom builders to construct these kinds of pools are extremely versatile, and this means virtually any standard or custom pool shape is possible to lay out, so long as the lot space will accommodate the specifications. Often, people will ask for a rectangular or kidney shaped pool, but these shapes really serve as a starting point to the design, as modifications to plans can change the desired functionality and style preferences. That said, if you decide on a classic pool shape, keep in mind that chances are high that you and your pool builder can make modifications along the way if you get new inspiration to enhance the pool’s aesthetics and functionality.

When a Pool Enhances the Home

One thing to consider when choosing a pool design is how it will impact the look and feel of the home. When designing a pool that utilizes the same aesthetic style as the home’s architecture, homeowner’s can create the appearance of having a larger space, and they can showcase a more grandiose look to their property. Just be sure to avoid mixing up styles, as this can create a disconnect on the property. For example, if the home’s architecture is ultra modern, having a kidney-shaped pool with Spanish tiles and decorative Mediterranean accoutrements will present a look of chaos. However, creating a sleek, modern pool will accent the home and enhance the property’s overall aesthetic beauty. In addition, be sure to choose pool surface colors, stones and tiles that play well with the color patterns of the home. Otherwise, the pool and home run the risk of clashing.

Pool Designs that Maximize Space

When deciding on a pool design, ask yourself if it is utilizing the backyard space to the best of its ability. First, determine how much of your backyard space is dedicated to the pool. Some people may have an outdoor kitchen, a putting green or some other designated space in the yard for a specific purpose, while others do not. A pool design should always take these spaces into account. In addition, zoning and safety codes must be met, and these vary based on the home’s location. Infinity pools not only look breathtaking, but when spaces are limited in size and the property backs onto a canyon or hillside, an infinity pool can fully utilize the available space while creating a luxurious look in ways other designs simply can’t.

Be sure to call an experienced pool builder, have them walk your property, and go over the various considerations that will play into your pool design.