Is the Kidney-Shaped Pool Design Still Fashionable and Popular?

Swimming pool designs come in a wide variety of options that complement multiple landscapes and architectural styles. Considering the rapid boom in technology that enables builders to engineer innovative, custom pools, could it even be possible that classic styles are still in demand?

Is the Kidney-Shaped Pool Design Still Fashionable and Popular?


One of the most iconic aquatic designs is the kidney-shaped pool. This style came into fashion during the mid century era and was especially popular in California. From vacation homes in Palm Springs, to star’s homes nestled in the Hollywood Hills, the kidney-shaped pool became an instant classic, and it is still a popular option for thousands of homeowners today.

This article is intended to reveal some of the top reasons why kidney-shaped pools are still in high demand, and why you may want to contact a pool builder to enquire about this iconic shape, and any custom touches that can be added to enable a backyard oasis design that speaks to your unique character.

Perfect for Mid Century Aesthetics

The mid century period is extremely popular. While older designs (as reflected in the real estate and antique industries) have suffered massive popularity drops, and therefore a decline in value, mid century aesthetics remain popular and strong. The primary reason for this is that as older generations who favored Victorian and Edwardian aesthetics are fading out, mid century remains strong and loved by millennials–consumer groups that make up the majority buyers. This certainly extends into swimming pools, as pools and the rest of an outdoor living space should always be treated as an extension of the home, if one is to maximize property values.

If homeowners have a house that was built between 1947 and 1957 and they seek a pool design that will stay true to the home’s style, a kidney-shaped pool will likely be the ideal choice. Even if a homeowner has a modern house built within the last few years yet they strive to create a mid century ambiance using various design elements, a kidney-shaped pool will be highly desirable.

Kidney-Shaped Pools are Loved by Nature Inspired Architecture Enthusiasts 

Over the last decade, nature inspired architecture has become widely popular. From wood tables with living edges, to transitional spaces between indoor and outdoor spaces, architectural and design elements that tip their hats to Mother Nature are popular, and swimming pools make no exceptions.

Kidney-shaped pools are popular because they escape the rectilinear lines of modern design by instead demonstrating the natural contours of ponds and lakes. These bowl-like voids in the ground create the semblance of natural water bodies that prove to be extremely popular amongst buyers who seek more organic design features. Swimming pool builders can emphasize the organic elements by adding custom features like waterfalls, custom sun shelves with a pebble bottom, and decorative stones to give the kidney-shaped pool a look and feel that meets the homeowner’s specific tastes.

If you favor the mid century period or crave an organic look to your outdoor living space, a kidney-shaped pool may be your best option. Call a custom pool builder today, and learn about the various sizes and features that can make your new dream pool a reality.