What are the Most Popular Pool Shapes and Designs?

Custom swimming pools come in a plethora of sizes, styles, shapes and designs. When any homeowner explores pool shapes, it is beneficial to contact a custom pool builder to see how various pool styles and design types blend with the home’s architecture, landscape, and the kind of return it will offer in terms of resale value. Companies that not only specialize in building custom pools but also in designing and constructing backyard retreats for families often have the best insight into design trends, and they have the uncanny ability to create the right outdoor spaces to meet the needs of their customers.

What are the Most Popular Pool Shapes and Designs?

Pool Sizes

A pool’s shape and style don’t necessarily dictate its size. Rather, one’s available lot space, budget, lay of the land, safety codes, and how a buyer wants a pool integrated with a spa will play into the size of a custom swimming pool. One of the first things a pool builder will do is come walk your property to determine all the building options available, including a maximum pool size.

Round Pool Designs

Round pool designs peaked in popularity in the 1930s when Philip Ilsley, swimming pool builder for Hollywood’s movie stars, designed round-bottomed pool frames filled with concrete. At a time when round-shaped beds were also the hype for affluent individuals, people who could afford these pools loved the deviation from classic rectangular shapes. If one is trying to create a “Great Gatsby” look to their home and outdoor living space, then an iconic round pool shape could be an ideal option.

Rectangular Pools

When American swimming pools were in their infancy, the rectangular shape was not only the most popular option but one would be hard-pressed to find a pool in any other shape. The rectangle design was popular because it was practical, aesthetically pleasing, ideal for swimming laps, and its straight lines enabled it to fit into most spaces with ease. If a buyer wants a traditional pool shape but a design that nods to a particular theme, the best pool builders can achieve this. For example, one could have a rectangular pool with Moroccan tiles and decorative clay pots that blend into a pool’s water feature to give off that Eastern vide, or modern tiles and a slick pool surface finish can create a minimalistic, modern aesthetic.

Pools with a Novelty Shape

Any swimming pool that is shaped like a specific object or thing is considered a novelty pool. For example, rock legend Paul McCartney commissioned a pool builder to design and construct a swimming pool shaped like a Les Paul guitar that he later named his  “Les Pool ”. Actress Jayne Mansfield had a heart-shaped pool, and Liberace had a piano-shaped pool complete with black and white keys.

There are a number of other pool shapes and styles to choose from. Want a grotto or a pool that looks like a Caribbean lagoon surrounded by waterfalls? Does an L-shaped infinity pool that blends right into your landscaping sound ideal? Want a pool shaped like the state of Texas? Contact Varsity Pools today and learn about all the available options that will work within your budget, and backyard space.