How Deep Does a Diving Board Pool Need to Be?

Among one of the most popular accessories to a pool is a diving board. However, you can’t just put a diving board on any pool, at least not safely. Pools that you hope to attach a diving board on now or in the future will need special considerations when built.

How Deep Does a Diving Board Pool Need to Be?

Safe Depth for a Pool Diving Board

Even if you aren’t installing a high board, even a ledge diving board will require a safe depth so people are not hitting heads or limbs on the bottom of the pool. The good news is that depth typically isn’t too far out of the standard. You will need at least an 8-foot depth, but more would be safer.

Overall Size

Alongside depth, you will also need to consider the width of your pool to ensure everyone is safely away from any edges. You will want to make sure your pool has, at very least, a dimension of 16′ by 32′. Any board should always be installed on the longest side of your pool for safe use.

Other Diving Board Pool Considerations

While installing a pool with the length and depth to use a board is most important, there are some other considerations. The first is that if you have a Homeowner’s Association, they can be rather finicky about diving boards, so you will want to check their regulations first. You will also want to be careful with boards on decorative pools since they will often be more difficult to safely place a board on. Finally, the type of board, length, and slope can also have an effect on your dive. You will likely want to have your pool dimensions before shopping for one.

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