3 Critical Things to Know About Your Pool Contractor

If you’re interested in putting in a swimming pool, you need a reputable contractor. As the saying goes, knowledge is power. Your choice can make or break your backyard getaway. In that regard, here are three critical things to know about your pool contractor.

3 Critical Things to Know About Your Pool Contractor

Know Their Background

Every pool contractor is more than happy to tell you how great they are, but only the reputable ones are willing to show you. If a contractor can’t give you references, if they can’t tell or show you the projects they’ve completed or the grateful comments of their customers, you’re probably looking at a dud. Go with a contractor that’s been in the community for at least a few years. Get references and estimates. And avoid fast talkers offering low prices and urging a decision.

Compare and Compare Some More

It’s suggested you research and contact pool contractors until you’re down to a solid three that make you comfortable. Anyone that’s hard to get on the phone or has a hard time keeping appointments for consultation is probably a bad seed. But don’t rush to run with eager contractors. Keep an eye out for patient pool contractors that communicate and want to answer questions and get a handle on how to execute your dream retreat within your budget.

Get Your Estimates

Get quotes and project breakdowns in writing. Any contractor reluctant to do this should be taken off the list. While totals are a factor, research how pool projects play out. Don’t let a contractor tell you what’s best. Know filtration systems, plaster quality, and other info. Get a grasp of what the warranty covers and what kind of maintenance the pool will require.

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