4 Aspects Of Your Dream Pool Design

You could have a standard pool installed, and it will be acceptable. However, having your dream pool installed is easier than you would think. Even if you have a design that is not your standard square or oval shape, it could be in the realm of possibilities. Even if you just want a unique pool, but don’t quite have a pool design in mind, knowing the four aspects of pool design can help you map something out.

4 Aspects Of Your Dream Pool Design


The most obvious aspect is the ledges of the pool. This would also include steps if you choose to put them in. If you have beginning swimmers, steps are a great idea. However, if you are looking for more of a lap pool, then steps may be more of a hindrance. You will also want to consider sitting ledges as well as the curvatures of them.

Paving Materials

While you will have options on the design of your pool paving, you should also be giving some thought to the paving on the area around it. Natural stone may look nice, but it can become quite slick. Textured concrete is safer, but can be rather rough on the feet. You will want to be thoughtful with your options and how they suit your needs.


This isn’t so much for the pool itself, but no less important. Where will you put your pool maintenance equipment? It is good to have a storage solution created with the pool so it just isn’t laying all over your patio.


This is often what people tend to focus on, even though depth is just one part of a pool. Yet, it is pretty important. You want to choose a depth based on your needs as well as maybe even a future potential owner’s needs. It is usually best to have a mixed depth, but not mandatory.

Do you have a dream of a pool, and maybe even a design in mind? We can help you fully realize it. Contact us today to see what Varsity Pools can do to help you get the pool of your dreams installed.