Building Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are one of the hottest remodeling trends in the last year. Everyone is rethinking how their back patio could become a home chef’s paradise. The right outdoor kitchen can transform your poolside into the perfect place for family events or turn your deck into your family’s favorite place for dinner on summer evenings.  Let’s dive right into building your dream outdoor kitchen.

Building Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Layout

The right layout for an outdoor kitchen depends entirely on your property and your vision of outdoor cooking. Here at Varsity Pools and Patio, each kitchen is a custom design, no template layouts limiting your options. From granite countertops to bamboo cabinetry, your outdoor kitchen can be shaped and designed in whatever ways inspire you most. Horseshoe, parallel, and entertainer kitchens are all within your grasp.

The Appliances of Your Dreams

Which appliances would make your dream outdoor kitchen complete? Do you desire a pizza oven or convection oven? Would you be delighted with a large breakfast griddle or an extra-large stove for your favorite Wok? You can install your own wine fridge or even grow a hydroponic herb garden along the shelves of your outdoor kitchen. Whichever appliances will make your outdoor cooking feel like a dream are yours to choose.

Your Own Poolside Bar and Luxury Dining

One of the best things about an outdoor kitchen is being close to your backyard entertainment. If you have a backyard pool, your outdoor kitchen is the perfect opportunity for a poolside bar and delicious mid-swim snacks. If you have an expansive landscaped yard, your outdoor kitchen becomes a hub for lemonade and breaks for lunch between energetic sessions of play.

If you love to host dinner parties, the outdoor kitchen becomes your ideal venue for beautiful deck seating and elegant meals in the evening air.

Welcoming Family, Friends, and Special Events

The entire purpose of an outdoor kitchen is to cater those who will dine with you. Family meals might migrate outdoors regularly when the weather is nice. Your outdoor kitchen also makes your deck or patio the perfect place to host at-home special events. Birthday parties, weddings, and anniversaries all can find a home in the welcoming dining areas surrounding your home chef’s outdoor kitchen.

Looking for the perfect outdoor kitchen design for your patio renovation? Varsity Pools and Patio is ready to be your go-to pros. From luxury kitchen designs to welcoming multi-purpose dining areas – from poolside bars to gourmet kitchen designs, we’ll bring your dream outdoor kitchen into reality.