14 Steps To An Awesome Pool Construction

The decision to install a pool is a smart one. It is a solid investment in your property, increasing its resale value. Let’s make that pool a reality by first learning about what it takes to get a pool constructed. There are many steps to pool construction to make your dream come true. Let’s talk about them so that you can make an informed decision about the direction you would like to go.

14 Steps To An Awesome Pool Construction

What To Expect During Pool Construction

Constructing a pool is not a small thing, so you will have to expect that your backyard will be a construction zone for up to three months before they totally complete the project. Fencing will need to be removed to allow for large trucks to have access to your backyard.

Choosing a Contractor

You will need a contractor to build your pool. It’s always best to go with a pool contractor for their expertise in building your pool rather than a general contractor. You will then discuss how your pool will be designed along with any special features you’d like. The contractor then draws up an estimate which you will review and make any changes necessary. After both parties agree on what is being completed, they then draw a contract up, both parties sign, and it’s a go! Your contractor will draw up plans and apply for permits. If you live in an HOA, it will be YOUR responsibility to negotiate with your HOA for permission to build your pool. This can be a lengthy process, so don’t delay.

Layout and Excavating

The auspicious day arrives and your contractor lays out the shape of the pool, identifying points of entry for plumbing and electrical lines, and any communication lines if required. This is the point that they are now ready for the large machinery; a digger and dump truck to remove any large rocks and removing the dirt from the pit that is to be your new pool!

Plumbing, Rebar Skeleton, and Electrical Installed

All in-ground pools require a steel skeleton frame, which is made from rebar. At the same time or soon after, they make electrical connections from your house to your pool. All in-ground plumbing is installed such as filters, water mains, and pipes for heating. If gas components are being used, they are installed as well. There are inspections from the city that will need to occur after they install these components.

Shotcrete, Tile, Coping, and Deck

Shotcrete is concrete that gets sprayed on the rebar skeleton. It will take about five days to cure and must be watered a few times a day to keep it from cracking. Following this, they install the tile around the upper part of the pool and the coping at the top. This is also the time when any water features are installed, such as waterfalls or slides. Decking is usually textured, poured concrete, but concrete pavers are also an economical solution.

Inspection & Pool Surface Application

Inspections are a must. The city must come and give their blessing on your pool. This could take a few days. After they complete the inspection, then they complete the final surface coating. It’s similar to Shotcrete but only takes a day to cure. Afterward, it’s acid-washed and left to cure for a couple of days.

The Happy Magic Day Arrives

Fill your beautiful, new pool with water from your garden hose. A 20,000-gallon capacity pool will take about two days to fill.


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