4 Luxury Ideas for Your Outdoor Fireplace Design

Building an outdoor fireplace is a beautiful choice for most backyards. Whether you build out of brick or concrete, your outdoor fireplace is an opportunity for warmth, beauty, and a social centerpiece on cool evenings. A built-in fireplace can be a place for open-flame cooking or relaxed contemplation of the flames.  Of course, when building your own outdoor fireplace, you have the opportunity to include many little luxury upgrades that will make your fireplace all the more enjoyable. Let’s dive into four of our favorite luxury ideas for outdoor fireplace design.

4 Luxury Ideas for Your Outdoor Fireplace Design

1) Warm Hearth Seating

One of the best things about an outdoor fireplace is the ability to bask in the gentle warmth of the flames. Small children and grandparents especially like a seat by the fire, so make some perfect fireside seating. Build a broad stone, brick, or concrete hearth that warms when the fire is lit and creates wonderfully warm seating by the fire.

2) Built-In Pizza Oven

The heat from your fireplace can actually become hot and even enough to cook a pizza. And who doesn’t want fresh pizza when lounging poolside or enjoying an evening in patio bliss? Turn your cozy backyard fireplace into a pizza station with one subtle addition to the fireplace’s built-in stone design.

3) Two-Sided Double Hearth Fireplace

A double-hearth fireplace is one that is open on both sides, making it possible to build hearth seating all the way around the flame. Two-sided fireplaces can beautifully split the wall of an outdoor kitchen or make your outdoor fireplace into even more of a social centerpiece.

4) Display Mantelpiece for Outdoor Artwork

Indoor fireplaces often have a mantelpiece above which artwork is propped or hung. Why go without art with your outdoor fireplace? Build yourself a beautiful mantelpiece to host sturdy art designed to be displayed outdoors.

These are only four of potentially dozens of unique outdoor fireplace designs. To talk about your dream outdoor fireplace design and get started on making that dream a reality, contact us today!