3 Places Where Your Outdoor Fireplace Will Be a Perfect Fit

Adding an outdoor fireplace your outdoor living space makes it comfortable and more fun to relax outside during the winter. Not only do fireplaces let you start cozy fires, but they’re also great architectural elements to make your outdoor living space’s design beautiful.

3 Places Where Your Outdoor Fireplace Will Be a Perfect Fit

Turn the edge of your patio into a cozy corner.

One of the most popular places to install an outdoor fireplace is in the corner of your outdoor living space. Your fireplace can be nestled against the outside perimeter of the space in the corner best protected from the wind. This lets people gather in the warmth and enjoy a respite from the cold without leaving the party. Put the fireplace opposite your outdoor kitchen to keep the whole space warm.

Use a one-sided fireplace to divide your outdoor living space.

If your home has a large outdoor fireplace, break the space into segments. High tables, half-walls, and fireplaces are all beautiful features for creating sections. Set the fireplace facing the dining table or patio furniture so you can relax. Facing the fireplace away from play areas also prevents the risk of any injuries or balls getting too close to the fire.

Choose a double-sided fireplace for more enjoyment.

If you want to maximize available space for warm relaxation in the winter, opt for a double-sided fireplace. These installations let people sit close to the fire on both sides so everyone can enjoy the fire. These fireplaces are perfect for homes that do a lot of outdoor entertaining. They’re also a great choice for apartment communities, resorts, and community centers.

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