Should Your Dream Pool Include Pool-Side Plants? Absolutely!

Designing your dream pool can be almost as much fun as relaxing in your dream pool. If you’ve been browsing through Pinterest or your favorite backyard picture galleries, you may have noticed that more and more pools have landscaping features. Just like there’s a water feature and a pool design for everyone, there a reason for landscaping that fits every mindset.

Should Your Dream Pool Include Pool-Side Plants? Absolutely!

For the backyard dreamer:

If you want a picture-perfect backyard oasis, plants are a big part of the total experience. Fresh vegetation adds a lot of green to the poolside, and those colors are ultra relaxing. Tropical plants, fresh flowers, and even desert-like succulents make new pools really feel like part of your dream home. Adding in landscaping can also tie your whole yard together faster after the pool’s construction.

For the pragmatic planner:

Once you’ve lived in Texas for a few years, you’ll think ‘cracks’ every time you hear the word ‘concrete.’ Foundation and concrete problems can be a real problem if your home sits on clay soil or has a lot of erosion. That’s where landscaping plants do hard work instead of just looking pretty. The roots grab onto the soil near your pool deck’s steps and edges so it can’t pull away from the concrete. That reduces shifting, settling, and erosion.

For the real estate mogul:

Swimming pools are big factors when home buyers are browsing the market. But old pools often needs a facelift to appeal to mass markets (especially if they’re an old-style kidney). Update the look without reconstructing the whole thing with a concrete overlay, fresh landscaping, and blocky concrete borders that add style. Unique plant combinations photograph really well, too.

Landscaping takes pools to the next level whether you’re building something new or giving an old pool a new look. Go to Varsity Pool to make an initial appointment and make it happen.