Build Your Custom Pool Into Your Outdoor Living Space

The division between your outdoor living space and your beautiful new swimming pool doesn’t have to be clearcut. Instead, you can blur the lines for a unique space that lets you experience the best of both spaces. Consider these four design choices:

Build Your Custom Pool Into Your Outdoor Living Space

Enjoy a shallow, shaded pool extension.

Going for a swim can be a perfect way to beat the heat, but it also leaves swimmers exposed to the bright sun. Extend your pool into your outdoor living space so swimmers can relax in the shade next to the patio furniture and outdoor kitchen. Keeping this edge shallow also lets you dip your feet in the pool as you relax with a snack or a book.

Choose a pool with submerged seating next to the fireplace.

Submerged seating is a popular new feature for swimmers who want to take a break without getting out of the pool. Add cylindrical “bar stools” just under the water line so people can sit next to the edge. Install these seats near the fireplace so they’re out of the more active section of the pool and so you can get the best of both worlds.

Add a sunken outdoor kitchen or bar.

If you entertain, it can feel like the kitchen is separate from all of the fun. Build your kitchen or bar right next to the surface so you can talk to lounging swimmers face to face. The bar can also give people a place to put their drinks and phones out of the walkway.

Tie the patio and pool together with a water feature.

If you want an above-ground patio and an underground, that doesn’t mean the two can’t blend together. Add a small waterfall feature that winds around the seating area before plummeting into the water. This decorative feature adds beauty and ties the whole space together.

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