When You Can’t Agree: Three Ways to Get a Pool Everyone Will Love

You’ve decided that it’s time to get a pool, but unfortunately, your family cannot agree on your pool’s design or features. This may leave you thinking that you’ll have to either forget about getting a pool or leave some family members dissatisfied. Luckily, there are at least three ways that you can get a pool while keeping everyone happy.

When You Can't Agree: Three Ways to Get a Pool Everyone Will Love


When possible, this is probably the best option. For example, maybe you love a traditional rectangular pool, which you think is perfect for swimming laps. Your spouse prefers the look of a curvy pool. Your compromise might be getting a long pool that has some wavy edges or maybe getting a pool with straight edges but that isn’t quite a rectangle.


Okay, you aren’t actually compartmentalizing your pool, but with a large pool, you can create different sections of the pool, giving everyone what they want. Maybe, the one side of the pool has the waterfalls and attached spa that you really want, and the other side of the pool has the slide that the kids wanted. You won’t have to worry about being splashed as you relax on your side of the pool, and the kids can enjoy their slide on the other side of the pool.

Two Pools

This option definitely is not for everyone, but if you have the space and money, this is a choice to consider. It may also require you to scale down your dream pool, which may require some compromising. One pool could be the one used for swimming laps and include a poolside spa, where you can relax. The other pool could have the slide and be built to accommodate a water volleyball net. One could have poolside lighting, allowing it to be used even after it gets dark.

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