Create a Unique Backyard With Our Decorative Concrete

Swimming pools are always unique to the families that own them.  Whether you’re looking for a combination of a pool and patio that is perfect for large get-togethers or you want a tranquil swimming pool with a beautiful pathway between your pool and your home,  Varsity Pools is focused on creating a customized, stunning but unique backyard environment. This includes our concrete patios and fixtures with decorated concrete.

Create a Unique Backyard Environment with Our Decorative Concrete

How can we make your pool and patio unique with decorated concrete?

The area around your pool should be just as beautiful and well-designed as the pool itself. Depending on the size of your backyard and how it’s organized, you could add a concrete patio around the edge of your pool that leads up t your house or to the gate of your backyard for easy, welcoming access.  At Varsity Pools, we use scored and stained concrete to give you a variety of options regarding the texture, pattern, and color of your concrete so it can match your house’s architecture and the plan you have in mind for your backyard environment.

Varsity Pools also keeps safety in mind when working with you to design the patio and concrete elements around your pool.  Some stamped concrete can be slick because it needs to have sealant applied.  But Varsity Pools’s installation experts score and stain concrete instead to give it a beautiful finish while still maintaining a safe texture for running, slippery feet

No matter what swimming pool you have in mind, our decorative concrete can help bring your designs to life. If you’d like to learn more, please contact Varsity Pools here.