Saftron 3 Step In Ground Pool Ladder

Saftron Pool Ladders are made of 1/4″ thick hard-shell composites that are not affected by pool chemicals (chlorine, acid & salt) and reinforced internally by Schedule 40 Galvanized Steel that adds strength and rigidity. The hard-shell nonconductive composite ladder material meets applicable USA codes in all states without need for bonding (grounding), thus making it the pool ladder of choice for retrofit installations because the pool deck will not have to be dug-up to install grounding cables.

Product Features:

  • Ladder color is an integral part of the material and not an after-coat. (Unlike powder-coated steel rails, the finish will never chip or flake).
  • Non-metallic composite material does not get hot in the sun.
  • Immune to the corrosive effects of Salt Water Chlorinator Systems.
  • Non-conductive ladder material conforms toNFPA and building codes without having to ground (bond) the rail.
  • Maintenance-Free Material and Finish.
  • Made in *U*S*A*
  • 5 Year Non Pro-Rated Manufacturer Warranty.

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