Are Pool Rails Removable?

Question from a Customer:
Hi, I have ordered the above referenced rail and looking forward very much to receiving it. I do have these questions. 1. Since this rail is removable should I do so in the winter up here in Michigan? 2. If so, should I grease the mounting base so that I will be able to do so? Thank you, Linda
Our Answer:
The P-326 rail is removable only if you install it using either Anchor Sockets or Surface Mount Bases.
The reason for using removable rails is usually so they can be taken out in winter if this is needed to enable covering the pool.  The cold won’t hurt them.  They don’t have to be removed unless you want to.  If you are going to remove them, however, do not use grease or other lubricants.  As these rails are non-metallic, they are not susceptible to galvanic corrosion which leads to seizing but if you lubricate them, the wedge on the anchor socket may not grip properly and cause the rails to slip or swivel.
Regardless of the installation method you choose, I recommend you read the relevant installation instructions here:
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