Does Your Pool Have These Three Features Built Around the Edge?

A pool isn’t just a pool. It’s one of the key features of your backyard. It’s also one of the most dangerous features you can have in your yard. The best way to keep everyone safe is to build in protections around the edge. Whether you’re constructing a brand new pool or renovating an old one, make sure you have these three elements around the edge:

Does Your Pool Have These Three Features Built Around the Edge?

1. A pool deck with a textured surface

Pool water is slippery, and normal concrete won’t provide enough traction to keep people safe as they walk around the edge of the pool. Instead, get the deck coated with a thickly textured, anti-slip surface. This one change can keep everyone safer whether they get into the pool or not.

2. A pool fence that provides good visibility

If your kids are in the backyard and you have an in ground pool, there’s always the risk one of them might get too close to the edge. Solve the problem by enclosing the pool with a wrought iron fence. This barrier keeps children and pets out when you aren’t there to keep an eye on their swimming. It also means you can keep on an eye the whole backyard at once.

3. Concrete or stone paths connecting the pool to the patio

While the perimeter of the pool is going to be the most dangerous walking surface, the grass between it and your house has its own share of difficulties. The grass can hide ant hills, spiders, and wasps. The grass can also get just as slippery as the concrete, especially for people with wet feet. Extend your textured pool deck to meet your patio’s edge or build in a walking path.

If you want a pool that’s more than just a pool, contact our team at Varsity Pools. We can design and build a swimming pool you and your family will love.