5 Custom Pool Design Elements That Are All About the 21st Century

Traditional pools scream the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. Between the kidney shape, the gradient depth, and the sharply textured walls, traditional pool elements may carry fond memories but are just the beginning of modern pool design. If you want a custom pool that screams luxury and modernity instead, add these five design elements:

5 Custom Pool Design Elements That Are All About the 21st Century

Smart connectivity

If your home is already connected to your phone, make sure your swimming pool is, too. You can monitor the water temperature, get alerted about filter malfunctions, and control the lighting from your phone. More advanced systems can even let you know if someone is in the pool when they shouldn’t be or give you a camera view of the area.

Right angles

Contemporary architecture is about strong lines and right angles. Instead of a softly sloping pool perimeter, opt for right angles and a stark rectangular design.

Dark and intricate tiles around the edge

Your pool doesn’t have to have a nylon blue finish. You can add murals, patterns tiles, or even stone-look finishes. Dark and complexly patterned tiles are becoming more and more popular, and they can be great accents around the edge of a large pool.

Landscaping features

Another trend that shows no sign of fading is incorporating residential pools with beautiful landscaping features. You can add a waterfall at one edge or have lush rainforest plants along the back. When you’re designing a customer pool, you can make all of the elements of your pool, patio, and yard come together.

Sun shelves

If you like sunbathing, you’ll love sun shelves. These shallow pool decks sit just a few inches in the water so you can enjoy both the cool water and sunbathing at once. If you build them next to a below-ground outdoor kitchen, they can also double as fun seating by the counter.

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