Choosing Between a Saltwater and Chlorine Pool

Saltwater pools have been around since the 1970s, but their popularity has been increasing rapidly lately. You’ve probably heard debates about chlorine pools and saltwater pools. We have compiled a quick guide to help you take advantage of the best of both.

Choosing Between a Saltwater and Chlorine Pool
Differences Between Saltwater and Chlorine Water Pools?

In truth, both pools use chlorine to keep their cleanliness. Saltwater pools use a more efficient process to generate chlorine compared to chlorine pools, which require adding chemicals directly into the water. Some of the important aspects you should consider include:

  • Water maintenance: Chlorine pools require the regular addition of chlorine to maintain their purity, making the task never-ending. A careful mixture with perfect regularity is also required. Compared to chlorine pools, you only need to offset the generator and add salt when necessary
  • Cost: The initial cost of a chlorine water pool is lower. Nonetheless, the cost of stacking up additional chlorine might exceed the initial cost of installing a saltwater pool.
  • Equipment maintenance: They require the same equipment. The maintenance for both pools is the same, with additional minimal maintenance on the salt generator.

Which One is Better?

Saltwater pools will have less chlorine compared to the chlorine pools. The levels differ because saltwater pools produce chlorine at a steady rate. They are considered a soft alternative to the more common chlorine pools due to their reduced maintenance cost and gentleness on the skin, eyes, and hair. Swimmers can open their eyes under water and leave the water with their skin feeling softer.

Final Verdict

Both saltwater and chlorine pools are effective methods of sanitization. It all comes down to preference. For instance, saltwater pools are perfect for people with sensitive skin and allergies. If you prefer a lower-maintenance pool, a saltwater chlorine generator might be the best thing for your pool. If you have the time to maintain your pool, the chlorine pool is perfect for you.

When considering investing in a pool, there is a lot to consider. Luckily, Varsity Pools can help you make the most out of your investment in a swimming pool. Do you have more questions about how you can benefit from saltwater and chlorine  pools? Or perhaps you’re unsure whether to install that upgrade? Call us today and we’ll be happy to help solve a million and one questions about your pool preferences.