5 Awesome Design Tips for Small Backyards

Do you have a lovely backyard but have been putting off putting it to use because you don’t think there’s enough space to do anything useful with it? Regardless of how small your backyard is, there are many ways to design it so that it is a beautiful place to hang out. Here are some tips for putting a small backyard to use with awesome design in mind.

5 Awesome Design Tips for Small Backyards

Choose a Goal

First of all, you need to have a clear purpose in mind. Since you only have a limited amount of space to work with, you want to use it wisely. Do you want to create a little green oasis to meditate in? A little hangout where your family and friends can enjoy a warm summer Sunday? A small but fun swimming pool? Whatever it is, have your goals clear in your mind first.

Choose the Right Furniture

Maximizing your backyard experience is possible by using furniture that maximizes your space. For example, rounded tables can help you fit more people than squared tables. Rounded chairs or benches can also give you more space.

Less Is More

Don’t over clutter your limited space. Keep things efficient but simple. Avoid overdoing it when decorating your backyard.

Open Vs Closed

Decide whether you want an open or closed backyard. Closing off your backyard when your space is limited may sound claustrophobic initially, but you may find that it adds a flavor of privacy and coziness to the place.

Decorate Vertically

You may not have a lot of horizontal space, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate your backyard. You can use your vertical space (your walls) to your advantage. Hang flower pots on them or plant ivy-like plants. Hang paintings, mirrors, lights, and other decorations on your walls. Be creative!

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