3 Reasons to Add a Sunken Kitchen to Your Backyard

Outdoor kitchens are a must-have addition to outdoor living spaces. Not only do they give you more options for outdoor meals during the week, they make outdoor celebrations easier on the host. But one of the favorite fads throughout 2018 is adding a sunken kitchen instead of one attached to your house, and this fad will continue well into 2019. Here are three reasons why:

3 Reasons to Add a Sunken Kitchen to Your Backyard

1. Entertaining gets a lot easier.

Even though you’re cooking and hosting, you still want to interact with your guests. When you’re in the kitchen, that means they have to come to you. But sometimes the pull of swimming leaves you a bit neglected. So move your outdoor kitchen right up against the pool. You can chat with people and keep a watchful eye on both the stove and the younger swimmers.

2. Stay hydrated and keep your phone handy.

Pools need counter space. Everyone needs a secure, water-free spot to put their cell phone, even if it’s in a waterproof case. If you’re having a party in the summer, it’s also important to have lots of drinks nearby so no one gets dehydrated. Sunken outdoor kitchens have a countertop that extends just over the water. Your guests can swim over to take a drink or check on their device for any missed messages.

3. Dimensionality improves your backyard design.

Don’t keep your swimming pool, your patio, and your outdoor kitchen all on the same level. Adding dimensions gives you more space to live and play in. It also means you can incorporate more design features like steps, fire pits, and in-pool seating.

A sunken kitchen is just one of the outdoor kitchen designs that would be a perfect fit for your backyard. Go to Varsity Pools to get started on your custom pool, patio, or outdoor kitchen.