4 Things to Consider When Building an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens became popular when the indoor-outdoor living trend exploded as a movement within the home decor and remodeling industries, and they were further popularized by networks like HGTV where dramatic unveilings revealed stylish living spaces. There is a huge demand for homeowners to emulate living spaces on patios, decks, in backyards, or to install accordion style wall-to-wall glass doors to bring the outdoors in. While there are several methods for creating outdoor living spaces, savvy homeowners know to contact a custom outdoor kitchen builder as a more affordable option, and the choice that will lead to a better investment and lifestyle upgrade. Here are four things to consider when building the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

4 Things to Consider When Building an Outdoor Kitchen

1. Understand the Value an Outdoor Kitchen Will Add to Your Home

Who doesn’t love a great investment? The fact of the matter is that when people invest in something that brings a healthy ROI, their enjoyment of it is maximized. That said, when contemplating the addition of an outdoor kitchen, it is well worth it to understand how much added monetary value it brings. According to About.com and CNN Money, outdoor kitchens return between 100% to 200% of the investment cost on a national level. In addition, geography matters when it comes to the added value. Areas like Texas that have a warmer climate will see a higher ROI than areas that tend to be colder and ravaged by snow.

2. Going Custom

Look for an outdoor kitchen builder that creates original, custom designs for clients as opposed to molds and cookie-cutter concepts that hundreds of other homes have. Everything from the layout to the materials, and from the equipment to various features should reflect your style, enhance your property’s existing beauty, and stand out as the premier outdoor kitchen on your block.

3. Choosing Special Features

Any dwelling space should be both practical and stylish for its occupants. At some point you will likely sell your home, so it is important to not detract from the general public’s interest when adding special features. If you want to personalize your outdoor kitchen without detracting from its resale value, adding removable features is the right option. This means your outdoor kitchen builder should design a custom space for the feature to live. In an episode of the popular HGTV show ‘Property Brothers’, the show’s hosts worked with an outdoor kitchen builder to create a custom space to host their family reunions. They requested a special feature wall where they could hang an iron sculpture depicting their father’s ranch logo. Had they added the logo into the floor or counter, it would have detracted from the resale value, as it wouldn’t resonate with a new buyer. However, because they worked with the outdoor kitchen company to design a space to house something custom and removable, they were able to create something meaningful and of value to most buyer markets.

4. Equipment and Materials

When building an outdoor kitchen be sure to choose equipment and materials that make sense for your needs, and that reflect your aesthetic values. A good outdoor kitchen company will have a plethora of choices from various stone countertops to special finishes that give the materials an enhanced look. Their arsenal will also include various tiles and cabinet types, to multiple flooring options. As for equipment, don’t shy away from the appliances that will define your fantasy outdoor living space. If you want to serve up handmade pizzas, add a wood burning oven to get that authentic Italian touch. Want a gas range, a beer tap system, or a smoker? The best outdoor kitchen companies can work any appliance into the design.

Ready to dream big and turn your vision into reality? Call your local outdoor kitchen builder today and learn how you can add value to your home’s resale price, and enhance the fun factor in your family’s lifestyle!