4 Reasons Why Families Should Invest in a Pool

Have you been thinking that its time to invest in a pool? Perhaps the kids have been asking for one, or maybe you are just toying with the idea. Regardless of where you sit in making an investment decision, you might be interested to know that there are a plethora of good reasons to pull the trigger and call a custom pool builder in your area. This article will explore four ways swimming pools add value to families, and why you should get off the fence and embrace something that will continue to pay you back for life.

4 Reasons Why Families Should Invest in a Pool

1. Pools can Add Resale Value to Your Home

One of the main must-haves expressed by home buyers is a pool. According to Realtor.com, a pool can add an additional seven percent of your home’s value to the selling price. However, if every other home on your street has a pool, then the added value can be a bit less. If you are thinking of investing in a swimming pool this means you need to have one that stands out from all the others in your neighborhood. In order to ensure your pool investment adds maximum value to your home, check the MLS, get photos and data on the pools other sellers have, and partner with a pool builder that can create something that sinks the competition and that also meets the needs of your family.

2. Level Up on Your Social Life

People who have pools are the life of the party. From hosting swim parties for your child’s class, to having everyone from the office over for a work party, you are sure to make a splash with your friends, colleagues and family. In fact, why not host the next Super Bowl party or big birthday bash by your new swimming pool?

3. Improve the Look of Your Home

There is only so much you can do to improve the look of your home. While most people landscape, repaint their home, or add architectural features, innovative homeowners add a beautiful pool within a luxurious outdoor living space. Today’s custom pools are miles ahead from what they were when you were a kid. Buyers have numerous options that include special features like unique glass and ceramic tiles, to various plaster colors with sparkling elements. Pools can also come with surrounding mosaics, specialty lighting, and tranquil waterfalls that mask the sound of nearby traffic. A stunning pool that boasts your ideal aesthetics can take your home from bland to grand.

4. Stay Healthy (or Improve Your Health)

People who own swimming pools have a leg up when it comes to improving their cognitive and physical health. Pools are good for mental health in a variety of ways. First of all, exercise releases endorphins that make us happy. In addition, having a calming oasis steps from your back door can make you feel like you’re on vacation; pools offer a retreat from a long stressful day, and when you can recline poolside with a cocktail, the smile on your face will be a mile wide as you bask in your zen space. As for physical health, swimming is great for cardiovascular wellness, and treading water is ideal for joints, especially knee injuries. Swimming is also a fantastic way for children to develop confidence, and for the older generations to participate with the rest of the family.

Ready to take the plunge and invest in a pool? Contact Varsity Pools today and learn about all of the custom options that can enhance your home and your family’s lifestyle.