3 Ways We Incorporate Height in Your Pool Design

Don’t think of your swimming pool as a single flat dimension or lost space in your yard’s overall square footage. There are a lot of vertical walls, steps, and extra spaces you can incorporate into your backyard. Here are 3 ways we incorporate height in your pool design:

3 Ways We Incorporate Height in Your Pool Design

1. Connect your standing hot tub to the pool.

Separate water features mean that more people can relax in your backyard. But if you have limited space, then you can’t fit wide margins between the pool, the hot tub, and the patio. Make that work for your design by connecting the hot tub to the pool. By raising the tub, you don’t have to worry about an unclear dividing line. You can also incorporate a waterfall feature to bring it all together.

2. Add an extra lip around the pool.

Not everyone who wants to go to the pool wants to be in the pool. But sitting on the edge of the pool can be uncomfortable and make. So choose a pool design that has an extra lip just under the surface of the water for sitting. Not only can more people enjoy the water, that extra step makes it easier for some of your guests to get in and out.

3. Have a seat at the hot tub.

When you have a raised hot tub, you have a lot of real estate that can be incorporated into the overall flow of your backyard. Raise and widen the edge so you can add seats around the edge and have a comfortable tabletop surface. When you have more guests than table space, this extra touch makes everyone fit.

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