3 Awesome Decorative Concrete Ideas For Your Pool

When it comes to creating a complete design around your pool, concrete is essential. It helps to finish off the area and make it highly functional for you and your family. However, there is no need to stick with boring old concrete, when you can go with decorative concrete instead. Here are three awesome decorative concrete ideas for your pool.

3 Awesome Decorative Concrete Ideas For Your Pool

Stone Stamping 

An excellent way to really make the concrete around your pool stand out is to have it stamped with a stone impression. There are so many designs and styles of stone stamps to choose from, that range in size and shape. This makes it possible for you to really individualize the area around your pool and make it your own. You can also choose the finish and glaze for your stone, which means you can choose whatever color you’d like your stone to be as well.

Concrete Mosaic 

Another awesome idea for your decorative concrete that can really stand out, is a concrete mosaic. The type of mosaic that you’d like for your concrete is entirely up to you, and you have so many amazing options. You can go with a design that involves abstract shapes of different colors and sizes coming together, or you can go with something else, such as a tree, flower, sun, or any other mosaic that you’d like. This can be a centerpiece of your pool concrete where you place chairs or other items around it, or a place where you could put some other central feature, such as a fire pit.

Wood Stamping 

Just as stone stamping creates the look of stone, wood stamping can give your concrete a wooden look. This is an excellent option if you love the idea of a wooden deck around your pool, but realize that concrete is a much more durable and wiser choice. You can get a stamp the looks like almost any style of wood that you can think of, and you can choose the cut and how the wood is placed within the stamp pattern. This creates a beautiful wood stamp that you will love.

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