Your Private Resort Begins with a Custom Designed Swimming Pool

Turn your backyard into a resort with a custom designed swimming pool to conform to your space. Your concrete pool can be any shape based on the available area. Free form pools make the most of small and large yard space. You can have the conventional rectangular or round pool, as well. We design pools that will also complement the architecture of your home.

Add a hot tub, decorative concrete, and even an outdoor kitchen for a personal retreat that will add value to your home. This is the place for the family staycation most of the year. The warmth of Central Texas extends from spring until late fall and the pool is there for your enjoyment.

Your Private Resort Begins with a Custom Designed Swimming Pool

Types of Designs

Varsity Pools offer a variety of styles that include a shallow and deep end or a consistent depth throughout. You can add a water slide, waterfall, or other feature such as a fountain. We can even add a small island in the pool for a tropical effect. The infinity pool with water flowing over one edge into a gutter space below that recirculates the water is also popular. Many of our clients enjoy a raised hot tub with water cascading into the pool below. We have designed pools that include multi-level waterfalls for a more rustic style.

The design will also conform to the contours of your property along with your personal preferences. The landscaping and hardscape that includes the surrounding deck are taken into consideration. There are many design options that include the full package with decorative tile and stone work.

We work with you to create the perfect custom designed swimming pool environment for your area and budget. Our design phase includes a 3D version of the finished pool and grounds.

Contact us for a free consultation and discover how to turn your backyard into a special retreat for the entire family. This is the nicest way to cool off in the greater San Antonio area.