What Do You Need in an Outdoor Kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen remains quite popular this year. There are a tremendous variety of features available. You could easily spend hours pondering the options, but what amenities do you really need?

What Do You Need in an Outdoor Kitchen?

Work Space

Sufficient counter space will make it far less difficult to prepare food outdoors. Different experts recommend a minimum of one or two feet on each side of the sink and cooking equipment. Suitable materials include natural stone and ceramic.


Most outdoor kitchens feature charcoal or gas grills. If you want to maximize the air quality, think about purchasing an electric grill or ventilation hood. Try to position the equipment so that smoke won’t travel toward guests.

If you dislike grilling or want a wider range of meal choices, consider installing other cooking equipment. You could add a smoker, oven or at least one side burner.


To avoid frequent trips indoors, put a sink in your open-air kitchen. This will allow you to easily obtain drinking water and clean your dishes or fresh vegetables. Some people even install dishwashers and garbage disposal units.


Many homeowners choose to save time and boost convenience by purchasing compact refrigerators. You’ll need an appliance and electrical outlet that were specifically designed for outdoor purposes.


Cabinets and drawers also enhance convenience. Consider adding enough storage space for dishes, cups, utensils, oven mitts, skewers and one or two pots. Drawers move more smoothly when they’re not overloaded.


If you install a roof, you can safely continue cooking in a rain shower. This enhancement also protects materials and equipment from water, hail and bird droppings. Your kitchen won’t need as much maintenance or cleaning.

The essential features of an open-air outdoor kitchen differs depending on your specific wants, needs and location. An expert can help you select the most important amenities. Please contact us for professional advice and installation services.