Stay Safe With Your Outdoor Fireplace This Summer

There are many forms of safe backyard fire, from the grill to the firepit but by far the safest way to keep a fire near your home is the outdoor fireplace. Set in a foundation, the enclosing stones or bricks will become pleasantly warm to the touch without risking the surface burns or upsets brought by portable fire stands. However, as with all fires safety is still important. Here are a few quick tips to a safe summer with your outdoor fireplace.Stay Safe With Your Outdoor Fireplace This Summer

Tip 1: Choose a Safe Location and Keep It Safe

When choosing the placement of your outdoor fireplace, it’s important to consider how it will factor into your existing outdoor environment. Unlike open fires, they are safe to attach or place near your home, as long as the chimney is kept clear. Make sure to keep the space above your chimney clear of overhanging tree branches as well. The location of your pool or backyard spa should also factor in so that family and guests will automatically gravitate to the fireplace for warmth after an evening swim or soak in the spa.

2: Keep a Bucket of Water Nearby

Remember that with any fire, this is an important rule. You never know when it might be necessary to put the fire out or stop a fire from spreading. Dr. Flue advises that you “keep a working hose or fire extinguisher nearby whenever the fireplace is in use” Even if you have a swimming pool nearby, make sure to water ready at a moment’s notice.

3: Never Leave Your Fire Unattended

Fires are not entirely predictable things, nor do you have absolute control over activities in your backyard. Leaving any fire unattended should be avoided. If today is the day the wind blows a sheet off some clothes line directly into your fireplace, you’ll be glad to have been present and ready with that extinguisher or bucket of water.

With fire safety in mind, you are now ready to lounge on, dine around and swim near your beautiful built-in outdoor fireplace. Don’t have one yet? Contact our expert team of backyard architects at Varsity Pools and Patios for a consultation. We love to hear from you!