Installing an Elite Pool Ladder

If you were to install the P-421-LP3 pool ladder at 6-1/2″ from the pool wall face instead of 7-1/2″, the gap between the horizontal side rails and the pool wall would increase to 7″ as opposed to the 6″ shown in the diagram below. Although an extension to the bottom bend might enable proper resting of the bumpers against the pool wall, the increased space between the pool ladder and the wall (7″ instead of 6″) would be large enough for a child’s head to enter – and possibly get trapped. An arrangement such as this would not pass code for good reason. We have no extensions that we could provide, but even if we could, we would not do so for safety reasons. I strongly recommend you install the ladder as was intended by the manufacturer even if this might require moving and straightening your anchor sockets. A possible alternative to this would be to use SB-3 surface-mount bases that could be installed over the current anchor sockets (See: ). The added aggravation at this stage of the game will be well worth the peace of mind that it will give you afterwards.
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