Earthy Backyard Remodel for Glamorous Camping

A hot new trend is the marriage of camping with something a bit counterintuitive: glamour. “Glamping” is not something that has to take you far away on a travel excursion. By installing a resort-style pool with outdoor kitchen as part of your backyard remodel, it’s possible to explore adventures in your own backyard. So, how do you make your remodel as glamorous as possible while still maintaining that earthy feel of being in nature?

Earthy Backyard Remodel for Glamorous Camping

Adding a fire pit to the plan

A fire pit allows family members to roast marshmallows and hot-dogs when the kids decide to pitch a tent on the lawn just outside the main living area. Fire pits add a rustic charm to the outdoor kitchen plan. And, having an exciting backyard plan and open-fire meal options motivates teen children and grandchildren to stay close to home rather than glamping in the great unknown. Wood-burning ovens are also ideal for making pizzas when camping out.

Using the existing landscape

Rather than completely reinventing your backyard by removing all existing plants, trees and ground coverings, consider working with what you already have that could be an asset. By adding the right pool, outdoor kitchen and fireplace, it makes your current landscape pop. Most elements of nature are already beautiful, but need a few tweaks in order to enhance your backyard. In other words, it’s time to tap your backyard’s glamour potential so it’s a retreat not just for the children and grandchildren but for the adults in the family as well. The existing landscape often provides shade as a base, while specific flowering and colorful plants add the element of beauty.

Including a hot tub to the vision

One of the most popular features that travelers look for is the hot tub. People of all ages love to relax in the swirling warm waters of a hot tub. To make your backyard remodel as glamorous and “cool” as possible, consider the latest hot tub models.  Ice-cream sundaes by the pool followed by a dip in the hot tub is the proper way to turn every day into a stay-vacation.  By setting the hot tub in a position to overlook the pool with waterfall or other exotic water features, all family members reach that feeling of tranquility surrounded by nature’s finest elements.

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