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16 Oct 2018

5 Pool Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean

Want to keep your pool clean so that you can jump in and relax at any time? With a little maintenance, you can keep your swimming pool clear and clean at all times. Here are five simple yet effective pool cleaning maintenance tips.

5 Pool Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean

Clean the Filters

Filters that get clogged will decrease the proper flow of circulation in the pool. There are different kinds of filters, and each needs to be cleaned and replaced at its proper time. For example, cartridge filters should be replaced every few weeks, while sand filters can go a few years without being replaced. Check your manufacturer’s manual for more information about cleaning and replacing your filter.


Whether you use a robotic skimmer to automatically skim your pool or you do it manually is up to you, but it’s important that it gets done. Skimming your pool involves using a filter to clean your pool from debris such as leaves, dirt and small twigs.

Clean the Walls

Algae can stick to your walls and leave stains. That’s why it is important to scrub them regularly. Use a brush (its softness will depend on the material that your pool walls are made out of) to clean your walls from leftover algae.

Shock Your Pool

From time to time, you may want to consider shocking your pool. This involves using a higher than usual amount of chlorine to kill any bacteria in your pool and is useful if a lot of people have been using your pool over a short amount of time. However, make sure not to swim in the pool again until the chlorine and pH levels are back to normal to avoid safety risks.

Check pH and Water Levels

Make sure that your water level is at an appropriate level to ensure proper water circulation and flow. You should also check your pool’s pH levels to make sure that the chlorine will be able to work effectively.

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14 Dec 2017

Three Ways to Maintain Your Pool in Winter

It’s winter, and while that doesn’t mean months of snowfall or sub-freezing temperatures in this part of the country, it does mean your family’s pool has a lighter use. Now is the perfect time to schedule some winter maintenance so your pool will be clean, safe, and ready for swimming once spring rolls around. Here are three pool maintenance tips to keep your pool in great shape:

Three Ways to Maintain Your Pool in Winter

  1. Drain your pipes and motorized elements. Any water left in your pipes, pool heater, pump, or filter can freeze and expand. That expansion can lead to cracks in the pipes or can even break tabs and hoses in the motorized parts. Check them over before the first major freeze to make sure they’re free of water. Even if you don’t drain your pool completely, also make sure to drain it below the edge of the skimmer.
  2. Keep the water clean with algaecide. Texas doesn’t stay below freezing for long, and the mild winters mean algae and bacteria have an easy time growing in your pool if it’s not cleaned at the end of the swimming season. Add an algaecide product to your pool and run the pump for 24 hours right before you shut down the system for winter. This will get rid of algae currently in the system to minimize growth throughout winter.
  3. Regularly clear off debris from your pool cover. Once your pool is closed for winter, the cover is bound to collect leaves and debris, even if it doesn’t build up with ice. Keep it clean so you can monitor it for cracks, pests, and damage.

Winter pool maintenance is all about prevention. Taking a few simple steps now like adding algaecide and keeping nature at bay can make starting your pool up in the spring much easier and faster. Visit Varsity Pools here for more tips.