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24 Aug 2018

Three Reasons to Add a Water Feature to Your Custom Pool

A swimming pool is more than a feature for entertaining your guests or investing in your home. A swimming pool should also be an experience. That’s why many custom-built pools include more than just the swimming pools themselves. Hot tubs add layers and let you relax at the end of the day while your children play in the main pool. Landscaping that is built to surround and accent your pool makes your backyard feel like an oasis. Water features like waterfalls and fountains also make your swimming pool a perfect backyard getaway. Here are three reasons why they matter so much:

Three Reasons to Add a Water Feature to Your Custom Pool

1. Water features keep the water circulating.

Swimming pools have great filtration systems that keep the water clean and clear. But if you don’t have time to get into your pool during the workweek, it might not get the circulation it needs to prevent hard buildup and algae. A water feature keeps the water in motion so the water is fresh and ready as soon as the weekend rolls around.

2. You can enjoy your pool even when you’re sitting on the patio.

Water features sound luxurious. If you’re relaxing on your patio with a book or you’re getting a bit of work done outside, you can listen to the sound of the water feature in the background. Pleasant white noise makes your backyard seem more isolated, even if you’re in a busy neighborhood. Water features also cool down the surrounding air so the breeze isn’t as parched.

3. Water features make your pool feel larger.

If your backyard is too small for the pool design you have your eye on, a water feature can help. Waterfalls and fountains make your backyard oasis feel bigger because they introduce more layers of water and complexity without taking up much space. Water features can also turn your pools far corners into eye-catching accents so you love your pool even more.

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15 Aug 2018

3 Reasons to Accent Your Pool Deck with Decorative Concrete

Concrete is some of the best available material for your backyard pathways. It’s durable, customizable, and safe for bare feet. But it can also be a bit plain and slippery in the wrong circumstances. Without the right reinforcement, large slabs can even start to crumble and form hairline cracks. So instead of filling your backyard with a plain concrete patio and pool deck, refinish it with decorative concrete. Here’s why you should do it:

3 Reasons to Accent Your Pool Deck with Decorative Concrete

1. A decorative topcoat helps keep out stains and prevent damage.

Plain concrete is porous. Think about an old garage floor with plenty of oil stains, chemical spills, and rubber marks from cars and lawn tools. Untreated concrete surfaces absorb and hold onto these stains. They also grab onto dirt and organic material. But decorative concrete is finished with a seal that keeps damage out. Many seals also prevent hairline cracks from temperature changes and can even mitigate some of the force of physical damage.

2. Get a textured finish to prevent slippery surfaces.

If you’ve shouted for people not to run near the pool, you’ve probably shouted it hundreds of times. The warning never seems to stick when people are having fun. But slick concrete that is covered in chlorinated water can be dangerous. Find a textured decorative finish that you like the look of. Many finishes focus on adding both friction and a gritty surface so there are plenty of points of contact for wet feet.

3. Your backyard oasis should accent your house.

Plain concrete is just that: plain. A decorative finish lets you transform the look of your backyard to better match your home’s style. Whether you want a tiled look, the appearance of natural stone, or printed designs, don’t stick to bare concrete when you don’t have to.

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