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27 Jan 2017

Swimming Pool Ladders include Escutcheons

Janice’s response:

Hello Madelaine,

Thank you so much for your email. We did not realize the escutcheons were included with the ladder, therefore, we don’t need them, as you predicted.  As for the anchor sockets, please send them.  From looking at the old ladder, it looks like it was installed using anchor sockets so to be on the safe side, my husband thought it would be best if we had them in case we needed them.  Not sure if we can return them if we don’t need them.

Again, thank you very much for bringing this to my attention.  Not often I run across a business that would check with a customer first.


Janice T

Innovative Pool Products

27 Jan 2017

Pool Ladders, Pool Rails Available in 5 Colors – Free Color Sample

The sample request process is quite simple. While surfing our website, you will notice that each individual product page provides a link to "FREE COLOR SAMPLES". Upon clicking this link, you will be prompted to enter some basic information: Name, Address, City, Email, and the name of the item you are interested in buying.

Within about one business day, we will ship you a sample of the composite rail or ladder at hand. Our samples will not only give you an idea of how our ladders feel and look, but also an idea of which color might appeal to you most. You do not need to indicate a sample color preference as we will send you a sample of all five colors we carry. 

Though we do incur a cost in mailing free samples to potential customers, we feel that this gesture will give such customers a better idea of the physical and aesthetic appeal of our product. So please do not hesitate to ask for a sample of any of our composite ladders and rails!

Innovative Pool Products

27 Jan 2017

Hinged In Ground Pool Ladders: Available, But Not Composite


Hi Stuart,

The type of in ground pool ladder you are referring to is called a "hinged ladder". We do carry hinged in ground ladders, but not made of composites.  The only hinged ladders that we carry (and know about) are the stainless steel pool ladder models made by InterFab.



Innovative Pool Products