If you’re renovating your community fitness center or adding a pool to your building, you have to put a lot of consideration into the design aesthetic, safety features, and general design elements so you get a pool that fits with your business. Whether you’re focused on finding a pool perfect for all ages or one that fits seamlessly into the style of your building (or both), here are two must-have features that your contractor should provide:

Must-Have Safety Features for Your Commercial Pool

  1. The drains and outlets need to provide maximum effectiveness with minimal interference. Keep your pool clean and minimizing overflow is important for both your users and the surrounding the property. Hire a professional that can place drains that allow for optimal water flow without presenting a hazard to any swimmers. The drains to be designed to minimize entrapment and drain covers should have backup safeties. Also, ask your contractor if they follow Virginia Graeme Baker Act safety regulations.
  2. Have the depths etched into the perimeter with decorative concrete treatments. Clear, legible depth measurements are absolutely essential for protecting your swimmers. Using paint can run the risk of the pigment fading over time or the paint chipping away. Get the numbers etched into the concrete instead so you have permanent and clear numbers. With concrete design, you can also have the numbers featured in a way that matches the surrounding style and color palette.

Safety features are a primary consideration in any commercial pool construction. Varsity Pools excels at providing pools with both safety features and a high-quality design that keeps all of your swimmers coming back.