Winter is usually the time when people close down their backyards and go inside for parties and entertaining visitors. But adding backyard features that not only survive through the cold but are perfect for winter parties can be a great way to make use of all of your backyard space. Here’s how:

How to Keep Your Backyard Ready for Winter Parties

  • Build a sheltered nook for an outdoor fireplace. There’s nothing better than a crackling fire for keeping the cold of late winter at bay, and getting a patio with a walled corner can help ward off the wind, too. An outdoor fireplace can help provide a passive conversation piece and active heating so you can have family and friends over for casual conversation that doesn’t revolve around a screen. A fireplace can also provide novel meals and appetizers: set up a bar for s’mores so people can roast marshmallows over the fire and get a small taste of winter camping.
  • Construct a kitchen that’s fit for winter. Many outdoor and patio kitchens are packed up and made dormant over the winter. While part of this is to prevent water damage from unused pipes and to lengthen the life of cooking equipment that can’t sit in the outdoors unused, you don’t have to have a kitchen that’s restricted to the summer months. Find a company that can equip your outdoor kitchen with hardy, winter-ready appliances, and ask about cook tops that, even if you have to take them inside for most of the winter, can easily be set up and used at a moment’s notice.

Renovating your backyard shouldn’t just improve your summers. Go to Varsity Pools with outdoor features that can make your yard a warm winter wonderland.