Having a place where people can gather and talk at the end of a day full of swimming is great for the spring, summer, and fall, and adding an element of heat to your backyard also makes in the perfect gathering place for warding off the winter chill. But would a fire pit be a good fit for your backyard, or is a fireplace a better choice? Here are a few factors to keep in mind when deciding which is the better fit.

Fire Elements, Which is a Better Fit For Your Yard?

  • How big is your yard? Either fixture can find a place to call home in your yard, but make sure you have enough space for your grill and furniture. Test it out by blocking off different dimensions and seeing what you like best.
  • How much heat do you want? If you plan on having larger groups of friends and family over, that not only impacts which one would be the best fit, it also changes how large the fixture should be. Fireplaces can better block the wind and result in a warmer, cozier corner, but more people can easily gather around a fire pit.
  • How controlled does the smoke need to be? If you have allergies or sensitivity to smoke, a fireplace is designed to channel that smoke away from you. On the other hand, that smoke helps keep bugs from joining you, so a fire pit might be the right choice.

Choosing between a fire pit and a fireplace depends on your property, your preferences, and what you want you backyard to look like as a finished product. No matter which option you choose, there’s nothing like sitting by a warm fire any season of the year. If you’ve made up your mind, contact Varsity Pools here and we’ll get started.