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14 Dec 2017

Three Ways to Maintain Your Pool in Winter

It’s winter, and while that doesn’t mean months of snowfall or sub-freezing temperatures in this part of the country, it does mean your family’s pool has a lighter use. Now is the perfect time to schedule some winter maintenance so your pool will be clean, safe, and ready for swimming once spring rolls around. Here are three pool maintenance tips to keep your pool in great shape:

Three Ways to Maintain Your Pool in Winter

  1. Drain your pipes and motorized elements. Any water left in your pipes, pool heater, pump, or filter can freeze and expand. That expansion can lead to cracks in the pipes or can even break tabs and hoses in the motorized parts. Check them over before the first major freeze to make sure they’re free of water. Even if you don’t drain your pool completely, also make sure to drain it below the edge of the skimmer.
  2. Keep the water clean with algaecide. Texas doesn’t stay below freezing for long, and the mild winters mean algae and bacteria have an easy time growing in your pool if it’s not cleaned at the end of the swimming season. Add an algaecide product to your pool and run the pump for 24 hours right before you shut down the system for winter. This will get rid of algae currently in the system to minimize growth throughout winter.
  3. Regularly clear off debris from your pool cover. Once your pool is closed for winter, the cover is bound to collect leaves and debris, even if it doesn’t build up with ice. Keep it clean so you can monitor it for cracks, pests, and damage.

Winter pool maintenance is all about prevention. Taking a few simple steps now like adding algaecide and keeping nature at bay can make starting your pool up in the spring much easier and faster. Visit Varsity Pools here for more tips.

21 Jun 2017

Your Backyard is The Best Place to Entertain!

Once upon a time, backyards really didn’t have a decor. Bar-b-que pits were basic things that needed replacing often, sometimes even yearly. That was before we figured out that the backyard is the best place to entertain. It only makes sense that we put the same care into the design of our backyard as we do with our home interior.

Your Backyard is The Best Place to Entertain!


When you plan your backyard retreat, you have options as to what features will make your space work for you. A patio or deck is a normal place to start, consider a patio of decorative concrete work. This is a versatile material that is long-lasting and economical. But from there your lifestyle comes into play. There are so many options available.

A pool is an enjoyable feature to consider, as water is always a nice touch to any landscape. You might prefer something fancy with waterfalls, or perhaps you want something just inviting for cooling off on those warm days.

An outdoor kitchen might be just the feature for you, with cooking, visiting, and dining all close at hand in your backyard. This is a great touch for those summer evening with friends and family.

A fire-pit or even a fireplace can make a patio inviting all year-long. When it is too cool to swim, evenings are still fun outdoors with the warmth of a crackling fire. This is a great feature for October ghost story telling and December holiday parties.

A garden is a lovely touch for any backyard space, especially one with paths and benches. Whether this is a feature at the edge of a patio or pool or its own element, a garden is charming. Consider raised beds with concrete or stone edging and matching paths.

At Varsity Pools, we create and build backyard retreats. Whatever you choose to make your backyard into the haven you deserve, contact us for more information on how we can help you make your backyard dream a reality.